Unique Business Model

As far as to be a global specialty healthcare company with leadership position in skin health and medical aesthetics. Since its establishment, Profex has been committed to this specific business filed and dedicated to building a solid and sustainable business. With a mission of making the world healthier and happier, efforts have been made to design the company to be built to last. The characters of Profex business model can be summarized in three letters: MLO.


M stands for Multinational. Profex provides the best products from the leading companies all over the world; our people are multi-cultured, and many of them were trained in multinational companies; our company values transparency and high compliance standard so our practices can match with the best multinational companies that we partner with.


L stands for localization. Because we are entrepreneurial and willing to learn, we aim to be nimble and adaptable.


O stands for ownership. Sharing is in the genes of Profex. We proudly share upside with our colleagues through a transparent option scheme that has served our people well. We pride ourselves on having one of the longest serving and stable leadership team in the industry.

Unique PV Culture

Promising Career Development

Profex provides professional training equivalent to those offered by leading multinationals. At the same time, there are endless new projects, opportunities and jobs constantly occuring in this rapidly evolving and ambitiously developing organization. Great work opportunities will arrive in time when you are sufficiently prepared. Knowledge and skills that you have acquired at work will bring about opportunities to be involved in many new projects, facing bigger challenges or taking on higher positions with increasing responsibilities.

Excellent Colleagues

In today's world, choosing colleagues that you work with is as important as choosing which firm you work with. Profex people are genuine, open, dedicated, eager to learn, and willing to share.





  • 负责药店渠道的销售推广,为客户提供产品的相关学术信息;
  • 负责产品的陈列维护及新品铺市工作,提升重点门店的产品陈列形象和产品知名度;
  • 负责建立并维护良好的学术关系,提高客户对产品的认知度;
  • 负责搜集市场动态信息并及时反馈;
  • 协助执行市场促销计划,完成区域市场推广目标。


  • 大专以上学历,医学、药学相关专业优先;
  • 1年以上同行业相关销售经验,熟悉渠道客户;
  • 能够操作常用的办公软件,如Word,Excel;
  • 勤奋踏实,有良好的沟通和开拓能力。


深圳 温州 南京 苏州 青岛 烟台


  • 负责公司产品在区域内的推广,达成绩效目标;
  • 负责拜访渠道内的客户,建立良好的客户关系;
  • 协助收集市场信息,提供相关建议;
  • 协助执行市场推广活动。


  • 大专以上学历,医学、药学相关专业优先;
  • 两年以上相关工作经验;
  • 有良好的沟通能力,富有创新精神;
  • 有积极的工作态度和良好的团队合作精神;
  • 具医学和美容师背景或在药店有过销售经验者优先考虑。


北京 郑州 上海 南京 苏州 杭州 温州 重庆 成都 昆明 广州 深圳


  • 负责区域产品学术信息推广,为客户提供产品的相关学术信息;
  • 开发及维护区域客户,与之建立并维持良好关系;
  • 掌握应有的产品知识及学术推广技巧,完成工作指标;
  • 了解产品相关领域的市场状况,并及时反馈予公司;
  • 完成上级交予的其他任务。


  • 大专以上学历,医学、药学相关专业优先;
  • 1年(高代3年)以上医药相关工作经验,有相关产品领域或外企同等工作经验优先;
  • 有良好的沟通协调能力和人际交往能力,团队合作能力;
  • 有较强的创新意识、开拓能力及抗压能力;
  • 工作认真负责,诚实守信。